Its Like Word of Mouth... Except Its Online

Businesses need cash flow to survive, and your reputation is the essential connection between money and your business. In the digital age, you don't have a chance to even get the call without the connecting power of online reviews!

What Is REP Ai?

This powerful review collection and syndication tool will carry the load of acquiring new reviews from your real customers and then syndicates those reviews to your social media, this makes it nearly impossible for shoppers to see your business as anything less than outstanding. 

  • Easy Review Aquisistion

    Rep Ai will send the emails, perform the follow and ask for reviews to be put in the right places. 

  • Set and Forget Review Syndication

    Rep Ai will create a realtime feed of all your reviews from all over the web and push those reviews to your website.

  • Review Based Client CRM

    Rep Ai organizes the client CRM based on the star rating of a review, this allows you to create powerful email promotions that connect with customers based on how they feel.

  • Social Media Review Domination

    The Rep Ai system will create custom social media posts and post them for you, making it truly impossible for  shoppers to miss your reviews. 

  • Ai Level Review Monitoring

    Rep Ai is watching the web 24/7 for looking for new reviews, so you are never suprised 

  • Reputation Notifications 

    Rep Ai is watching the web 24/7 for new reviews alerting you to any good, bad or indifferent reviews.  This will allow you to respond in the proper manner and keep your good name. 

REP Ai Makes It Easy!

Generate Reviews

Review Syndication


& Monitoring

Powerful Review Generation

Your Customers Love You...Right?

Sending a simple email can yield huge results with RepAi. When someone clicks the link in the email to leave a review they are presented with a custom review form and this is where Rep Ai's horsepower is generated.  Rep Ai loves a new review to check out and show the rest of the world. 

    Powerful Review Syndication

    Show The World  Why They Love You

    Once Rep Ai, gets a review it will go to work and create a multipoint syndication to your website, social media and with a little help from your customer the review can end up on sites like Google, Facebook and others. 

    This virtually guarantees that any shopper will see a great review of your business and you will have achieved the connection to cash flow your business deserves.

      Speaking Of Reviews

      Here are a few reviews from our customers. 

      John Susko

      will recommend this to every client

      "I can and will recommend this to every client. I appreciate the ability to add a reasonable mark-up without putting it out of range for even a smaller local business.

      I can see using the Reviews Management offer as a really enticing initial offer. It's easy to explain, fast to implement and delivers a TON of immediate value. A true OMG-style Win - Win - Win. 🔥🔥🔥”

      Eric Faucett

      it gives me a great tripwire into client marketing!!!!

      "Rep AI has seriously upped my client reputation management game! I like the white label, because it looks something that is mine, and it gives me a great tripwire into client marketing!!!! Forget the future, this is my RIGHT NOW!!!!​"

      Steve Whitby

      I found the whole getting reviews process extremely well systemized

      “As a beta tester of this app, I found the whole getting reviews process extremely well systemized. And the additional features this app offers is just over the top for a new app being launched. Can't wait to see what they're going to add to it.”

      Ryan Ciran

      It’s powerful, easy to use, simple to set up

      "RepAI is an extremely powerful tool that we are currently rolling out to all of our clients and we are BLOWN AWAY. It’s powerful, easy to use, simple to set up, but most importantly - it provides our clients with results AND peace of mind. RepAI is an invaluable tool for any digital marketer or agency and should be part of your toolkit!​"

      Get Rep Ai Today

      Agency Ultimate

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      Designed for Premium Agencies

      • Review Generation

      • Review Syndication

      • Client CRM

      • Review Awareness Popups

      • Robust Reporting

      • Timely Notifications

      • 10 White Label Accounts

      • Full Product Support


      30 Days Money Back Guarantee

      We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. 

      Stephen Floyd


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Still have some unanswered questions? 

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      What Makes This Better Than The Competition

      We have done alot of research and seen what our competitors offer, they do a great job. However, Rep Ai is build to be as feature rich, robust and capable as the best in the business, and we are able to come in at a lower price, simply because we have built this company without venture capital and we do not have the steep overhead that other companies have. The short answer is we get the job done very well, at a better price. 

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